My mother was diagnosed
with an aggressive breast cancer
20 years ago.


We were terrified.

The hardest part about that year was that time seemed to stand still.

Her treatment created a downward spiral of fatigue. For a woman of amazing energy, this was hard to see. We feel so blessed that Mom was cured and is cancer free today and full of energy.

My mother is an avid rose gardener.
I created my Rose People to convey a message of hope to others who are on a difficult journey.
They may struggle, as we did, to feel peace and understanding on the way.

Eva Marie,
what I would have given to have a Rose Person with me throughout my treatment, it would have helped so much

Sandy Poehling

Eva Marie’s mom, after the presentation of 14 Rose Sisters for the Norma J. Vinger Breast Care Center at Gundersen Health in La Crosse, WI

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