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(Virtual) The Healing Power of Art: The Power of Inspiration
January 10 – March 10, 2019 :

Manhattan Arts: Healing Power of Art 2019












New York Shows

Wide Open 8 Art Opening
Brooklyn, NY
Spring 2017

(Virtual) The Healing Power of Art: The Power of Inspiration
September 1 – November 1, 2017


Women’s Fund of Greater La Crosse

Artist of the Year



Member, Rotary International

ARTSPIRE Chairperson 2013-2017
(Region’s Largest Downtown Art Festival)

La Crosse Symphony Orchestra – Board Member 2014-2019

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Restel & Sons LLC

Rose People Wall pieces from 30" to 60" tall ranging from $800 to $2200. Inspiration characters to bring a sense of piece, carved vases for beauty to your home and cell phone holders to amplify sound and hold your phone at the perfect angle for a hands-free experience in style.
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC
This 6-minute performance/ storytelling from Zachary Preucil is such a treat, I had to share. If you love the cello as I do, this is worth a few minutes to enjoy. My mini present of music to you all! Enjoy!
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC
Some of the new pieces out of the kiln! (More after Christmas... don't want to ruin the surprise for some!)
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC
Last round going in the kiln on Monday. Shiny new pieces on Tuesday. 4 will be available. Check it out then!

Sue Thompson Wise, Sue Saline Durtsche, Lizanne Poehling
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC
In the studio creating those last pieces... the ones that are still available are marked as such in the photos section of my page. More new pieces to post in a week! Thank you for shopping at Restel & Sons Studio! (Available pieces are marked as such in the photos section). I had one person ask me to make a cookbook holder in the cell holder style - answer - "Of course!" She ordered 2! Do you have a design idea??? Feel free to comment below and share your inspiration! I may even make you one! New pieces to share next week!

Sue Saline Durtsche, Sue Thompson Wise, The Pump House Regional Arts Center, Explore La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin

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