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(Virtual) The Healing Power of Art: The Power of Inspiration
January 10 – March 10, 2019 :

Manhattan Arts: Healing Power of Art 2019












New York Shows

Wide Open 8 Art Opening
Brooklyn, NY
Spring 2017

(Virtual) The Healing Power of Art: The Power of Inspiration
September 1 – November 1, 2017


Women’s Fund of Greater La Crosse

Artist of the Year



Member, Rotary International

ARTSPIRE Chairperson 2013-2017
(Region’s Largest Downtown Art Festival)

La Crosse Symphony Orchestra – Board Member 2014-2019

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Restel & Sons LLC

Rose People Wall pieces from 30" to 60" tall ranging from $800 to $2200. Inspiration characters to bring a sense of piece, carved vases for beauty to your home and cell phone holders to amplify sound and hold your phone at the perfect angle for a hands-free experience in style.
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC
This 6-minute performance/ storytelling from Zachary Preucil is such a treat, I had to share. If you love the cello as I do, this is worth a few minutes to enjoy. My mini present of music to you all! Enjoy!
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC
Some of the new pieces out of the kiln! (More after Christmas... don't want to ruin the surprise for some!)
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC
Last round going in the kiln on Monday. Shiny new pieces on Tuesday. 4 will be available. Check it out then!

Sue Thompson Wise, Sue Saline Durtsche, Lizanne Poehling

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