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(Virtual) The Healing Power of Art: The Power of Inspiration
January 10 – March 10, 2019 :

Manhattan Arts: Healing Power of Art 2019












New York Shows

Wide Open 8 Art Opening
Brooklyn, NY
Spring 2017

(Virtual) The Healing Power of Art: The Power of Inspiration
September 1 – November 1, 2017


Women’s Fund of Greater La Crosse

Artist of the Year



Member, Rotary International

ARTSPIRE Chairperson 2013-2017
(Region’s Largest Downtown Art Festival)

La Crosse Symphony Orchestra – Board Member 2014-2019

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Restel & Sons LLC

Wall pieces from 1 to 5 feet tall.
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC
Pieces are out of the kiln and ready to be mounted!
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC
Kiln is out! Time to unload and mount on boards for some new pieces! Exciting part of the process!
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC
Such a beautiful picture of La Crosse this time of year!
Restel & Sons LLC
Restel & Sons LLC is with Ken Riley and 2 others.
Tulips represent caring. For the person this Rose Person is representing, she was FULL of caring and was constantly helping those in need. The next video will be the big lilly over her heart. If you were to have a flower carved over the heart of a piece for you... which flower would it be? For me, it would be the sunflower. What is your heart flower?

Peg Haldorson, tulips is one of your flowers of choice! I hope you enjoy the video!
Restel & Sons LLC

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227 Losey Blvd. N.
La Crosse, WI





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