Art can transform the perception of space.

I am honored to have organizations who see my art as helping with their mission. 

Cathy Angel

Attic Angels

Madison, WI

Joyful Angel represents the spirit of a loved one who has left a permanent imprint on family members left behind. The flowers on her dress represent Hope (Star of Bethlehem), Perseverance (Hydrangea), Remembrance (Forget-Me-Not), and Festivity (Baby’s Breath). These are the ideals she lived with and passed onto her family shown by the four wings (her children) and the roses (her grandchildren). Joyful Angel represents the life lived and the ideals passed onto family. The family can now use these lessons in their own lives as they unfold.

Joy, hope and perseverance guided this angel through life and now live on in her children and grandchildren.

Wake Butterfly Roses

Wake Comprehensive Care Center

Winston-Salem, NC

The five Wake Butterfly Roses are positioned throughout the Comprehensive Cancer Center spreading feelings of hope and calm to the patients who pass. Each of the dresses are designed with a combination of two beautiful landscapes from North Carolina. They reflect the beauty of the nature which offers a feeling of calm for the viewer. Each Rose Person is interacting with a butterfly symbolizing the delicacy, beauty and strength all in one. The connection to nature is one that brings a sense of hope. This feeling of hope calms the spirit and boosts the body’s ability to heal.
Altra Rose

Altra Federal Credit Union

Onalaska, WI

Altra Rose highlights Altra Federal Credit Union’s (Altra) local business status, celebrates their focus on serving all people, and provides commentary on the comfort people have in life when their money is well handled.

Altra Rose stands in Riverside Park with the Mississippi flowing behind her to highlight Altra as a local business. She has flowers of all kinds carved on her dress to celebrate the focus on serving all people from different backgrounds and situations. She stands confidently and relaxed because she is getting the most out of her money.

The texture on Altra Rose is made from pennies, nickels, and dimes. The lines in the jacket are from pennies, the scalloping is made from nickels and the semicircles are from dimes. The button has a nickel impression in the center. You can also find dime impressions in the hands and legs. All of these marks are reminders that when you get the most out of our money, the texture of your life is richer.

Kindness Passed On

The Parenting Place

La Crosse, WI

The sun and rain represent kindnesses given by others to enrich the soil for the center figure who has rose vines blossoming from the ground up. In turn, the two little girls are being nurtured by her shown by their rose vines growing from the hand they are holding. Kindness reaches much farther than we see.
Kim Rose

School of Teochnology & Arts (SOTA I /
Hamilton Elementary School

La Crosse, WI

Kim Rose stands stoically, holding the students of SOTA I and Hamilton close to her heart. The sunflower shines brightly on her dress symbolizing her strong spirit, generously shared with everyone at school. The thorns on her dress recognize that life is not perfect. We all encounter challenges. Throughout hers, staying quietly strong, Kim remained supportive and present to each and every student. Her bountiful consideration of others will live on through the many she impacted.
Tammany Rose

The Women’s Pavilion

St. Tammany Parish Hospital

Covington, LA


The Tammany Roses stand confidently in a thoughtful pose reflecting the thoughts and feelings of the women coming into the the Women’s Pavilion. These Rose Ladies radiate understanding and hope helping those who walk the halls feel a needed sense of calm such that their body is more able to heal.

Joy of Music

Mooresmiles Dental

La Crosse, WI

The Joy of Music fills the Rose Lady as she dances to the artful sounds that bring richness to ones life.


Hope Rose

North Carolina Breast Cancer

North Carolina


Hope radiates through the large sunflower wrapping the Rose Lady in encouragement.