Speaking on the Arts

Having seen the emotional and economic impact of arts, I have been asked to speak at various events. 

Economic Impact of the Arts


As part of the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce’s Community Leadership series, I first spoke on the art in the La Crosse, WI community and how it inspires all in the work they do. I showed the economic impact of having arts in the community.

I then lead the group through some small-group exercises by challenging area business professionals to build a replica of a theater district using the assets presented on their sheet. Each group, unknowingly, was given varying degrees of printed topography (desert, lakes, etc.) and also office supplies (stickers, crayons, markers, etc.). The resulting creations were evaluated and the use of creativity to develop a robust theater was noted by the group.

Art for Healing


Keynote Speaker on
“Hopsice and the Arts: Coping with Dying and Grief”

International Death, Grief & Bereavement Conference, 2019

Rose Sister Story


Tuesday Talks

Eagle Crest South, February 2018


Monday Mornings at Main

La Crosse Public Library, March 2017


Rotary International – Downtown

November 2016